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Join us in fostering a vibrant community committed to excellence. Be part of a thriving, supportive, and empowered network where your potential is limitless!

Active Members and Growing!

Who is the OFC Community For?

OFC is a vibrant and inclusive network designed to support and empower a diverse range of members.
  • Seeking personal growth and development in various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and financial empowerment.

  • Interested in connecting with like-minded people who share a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable living.

  • Looking to benefit from educational programs, workshops, and resources that foster holistic well-being and self-improvement.
  • Desiring a supportive environment where every family member can thrive and grow together.

  • Wanting to engage in community activities that strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

  • Seeking resources and support for navigating life’s challenges and achieving family goals.
  • Interested in fostering a community presence and contributing to local development.

  • Looking to network with other businesses and professionals committed to excellence and sustainability.

  • Seeking opportunities for corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

  • Organizations and partners who share our vision and mission, looking to collaborate on initiatives that drive positive change.

  • Interested in leveraging shared resources and expertise to benefit the wider community.

  • Committed to promoting a legacy of empowerment and success for current and future generations.

What we bring to the table!

Exclusive Member Benefits

We offer a dynamic range of activities and programs designed to support and empower our members. These activities and programs are available daily, weekly, and monthly, and are constantly evolving. Organized by the dedicated OFC team, our offerings ensure that there is always something valuable for everyone.

Unparalleled Access

to Opportunities

Connect, engage, and grow with like-minded individuals in our vibrant weekly networking sessions.

These meetings are the heartbeat of our community, fostering strong professional and personal bonds.

Unlock potential collaborations, broadening your business and personal horizons

Gain access to our exclusive radio show/podcast, offering a platform to share your story, insights, and business.

Dive into investment opportunities, enhancing your financial acumen and portfolio

Experience our Holistic Healing Retreat and Oasis Center, dedicated to your mental and physical well-being

Receive comprehensive support for your entire household, ensuring collective growth and empowerment

Even when you can’t attend events, we ensure your business is represented, with volunteers managing your vendor booth

Enjoy special discounts and access to unique opportunities, curated just for our members

Empowering Training

and Workshops

Learn the art of smart investing to secure your financial future.

Enhance family bonds with our relationship workshops, nurturing a supportive home environment.

Master the skill of impactful communication, essential in both personal and business realms.

Elevate your sales skills to boost your business success.

Prioritize mental well-being with our specialized programs, because a healthy mind leads to a fulfilled life.

Our diverse range of programs is designed to help you achieve your fullest potential in health, finance, and relationships.

Diverse and

Engaging Events

Participate in small, medium, and large-scale events hosted and partnered by OFC.

Meet and connect with individuals who share your drive for excellence.

Showcase your business at events with the option of booth support, enhancing your market presence.


Gain access to a powerful directory to foster collaboration and growth within our community.

Event listing example

Create and explore listings in three main categories.




Directory Key Features

Fully Customizable Listings

Modern and attractive display options to showcase your listings.

Ratings & Reviews

Get feedback and build credibility through member reviews.

Social Links

Connect your listings to your social media profiles.

Videos and Photos

Enhance your listings with multimedia content.

Flexible Pricing Formats

Choose from hourly wage, unique price, price range, and free.

Advanced Search

Easily find listings with robust search capabilities.

Online vs On-Site

Specify if your offerings are available online or in-person.


View and search listings on an interactive map.

Search by Proximity

Find listings based on your location.

Saved Search Notifications

Get alerts for new listings that match your criteria.

Multilingual Support

Access the directory in multiple languages.

Business Hours

Display and search for business operating hours


Gain access to a vibrant social network designed to connect, empower, and support you in achieving your goals.

News feed page

Dedicated social network exclusive to our members




Social Network Key Features

Broadcast Virtual Meetings

Host and participate in online events and meetings.

Member Profiles

Create and personalize your profile to connect with others.

Social Groups

Connect your listings to your social media profiles.

Bell Notifications

Stay updated with real-time notifications.

News Feeds

Keep up with the latest community updates and posts.

Comments and Reactions

Interact with posts through comments and reactions.

Media Uploading

Share photos, videos, and other media with ease.

Private Messaging

Communicate privately with other members.

Members Connections

Build and manage your network of connections.

Member Directory

Access a comprehensive directory of community members.

Social Links

Connect your profile to your social media accounts for enhanced networking.

Rating & Reviews

Give and receive feedback to build credibility within the community.

Significant Discounts

As a member of the OFC Community, you are entitled to significant discounts on rentals at the Oasis Retreat Center. Whether you’re planning a personal retreat, a family getaway, or a corporate event, our competitive pricing ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

Workshops and Events

The OFC team organizes a variety of workshops and events at the Oasis Retreat Center to support and enrich our community. These include wellness retreats, cultural workshops, and community engagement activities, all designed to foster personal growth, cultural appreciation, and holistic well-being.

Added Value Across
All Membership

Regardless of the level, our goal is to offer an enriching, supportive, and empowering environment.

First step, the Subscription !

Within the OFC community, being a subscriber is your first stop!


Your gateway to Growth and Community Insight​
$ 20
  • Stay Updated:

    Regular newsletter updates, limited Facebook group access.
  • Event Notifications:

    Early alerts for events and workshops.
  • Community Directory Access:

    Limited listing for searches and chat interactions.
  • Discounts:

    On our products and services
  • Public Messaging with other members
Level 1

What's next ?

Once onboard, you can elevate your experience as individuals, business owners or affiliates.




Unlock Your Path to Personal Advancement
$ 120 Biannually
  • Subscriber benefits included
  • Family Access:

    membership extends to every household member
  • Selective Programs:

    access to curated OFC programs and workshops
  • Mentorship:

    Receive mentorship or request mentors for children
  • Access to Oasis Center
  • Access to all OFC Activities
  • Join Social Groups
  • Public and Private Messaging
  • Send Friend Requests
Level 2


Unlock Your Path to Professional Advancement
$ 140 Biannually
  • Individual benefits included
  • Community Engagement:

    Connect with a network of like-minded individuals
  • Visibility and Announcements:

    Special podcast mentions
  • Access to the OFC Podcast:

    promote products and services
  • Feature on the OFC Weeklies
  • Create Listings In The Directory
  • Create Social Groups
Level 3


Peak influence and success in an elite network
$ 275 Biannually
  • Business benefits included
  • Household Inclusion:

    Membership Extends to remote elder parents
  • Priority to all programs:

    workshops, and sessions
  • Exclusive Discounts:

    Big savings on service like Oasis Center
  • Priority and Partnership:

    Early booking for events and collaboration chances
  • Enhanced Support:

    Investment options, personalized guidance
  • Mentorship:

    Enrich personal development and community engagement as a mentor
  • Featured Listings in the Directory
  • All Social Network Features
Level 4

Need help choosing ?

Don’t worry, let’s talk to find your perfect fit!

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