Please subscribe below to enroll for The OFC’s Emergency Response Program (E.R.P). The ERP will be made available to our members all over the world. Please complete form regardless to your city & country. The OFC Emergency Response program (E.R.P) works with OFC Sponsors , Businesses, Groups and Organizations to ensure members of the OFC community are taken care of in the event of a crisis or natural disaster, e.g., missing children, floods, ice storms, or extended power outages.

We will:

  • Provide information about available facilities in your area, as well as the services you can access;
  • Provides instructions on how to get to your local organization;
  • Ensure that your local facility is prepared to receive you, and equipped to provide you and your family with emergency supplies; and
  • In the event of a missing child, all pertinent information is made available to entire network of over 15,000 contacts, Organizations, Media and contacts in law enforcement.

Crisis situations can be chaotic and stressful, The OFC will assign a site coordinator to meet you at your local facility, and help you through this challenging time.

The OFC’s ERP is free but only eligible to OFC subscribing members that have read and agreed to the OFC’s Code of Conduct.


Please forward to Friends & Loved ones you feel can benefit from the OFC Emergency Response Program.