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The Founder

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My Skills

  • Father & Husband
  • Networker
  • Project coordinator
  • Leader
  • Community builder
  • Public speaker
  • Artist manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales specialist
  • Marketing expert
  • Spiritual counselor
  • Great listener
  • An OK friend
  • Dreamer and
  • Part time comedian…
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Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman Rouse

The Founder

Founder Of The OneFullCircle Melanated Community Resource Hub (The OFC). The OFC Was Founded In October 2011, And Currently Serves A Network Of Over 15,000 Members Consisting Of Individuals, Families, Entrepreneurs,Business Owners, And Organizations.

Under Pharaoh’s Leadership, The OFC Has Hosted The United Nations (UN) Delegates Conducting The Study On  People Of African Descent In Canada, Raised Over $40,000 For A Collective Investment Project And Through The OFC’s Advocacy Group “The Black Coalition New Generation”,  Hosted The 2020 Peace Protest Against Racism And Police Brutality In Montreal, Alongside Anastasia Marcellin, That Mobilized 150,000 People.

Pharaoh Currently Supports Various Committees And Community Initiatives As Well As Sits On The Board Of Directors For; Black Youth Socio-Economic Development Summit (SdesJ), International Black Economic Forum (FEIN), South Shore Black Community Association (SSBCA) And Dream Legacy Foundation (DLF). In Addition To Administrative Work, Pharaoh Is Also The Co-Host Of The Popular Radio Show “The Empower Hour” That Airs Every Thursday Morning ,7am To 9am, On CKUT 90.3FM!


I’m The Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman Rouse. As a youth I always felt like I had the ability to make a difference. My life experiences, some very negative and some extremely positive, gave me insights that enabled me to relate and build bonds with all different types of people on a personal level. Those bonds, along with my desire to help and my ability to communicate effectively, has put me in the position I am in now as a community builder, coordinating a network of over 15,000 people.

Above everything, I am a spiritualist and as such I don’t take any personal credit for any of my accomplishments. I simply go with the flow and follow the energy as it guides me. Most people are amazed when they get a full understanding of how many things I am involved in, but again, it would be impossible for me to do everything I do (and stay sane) if I didn’t approach everything from a level headed, calm and balanced place which I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for my nonreligious, but very spiritual way of thinking. But aside from the spirit I have to give credit to the amazing family, my team, friends, volunteers and other community leaders I have in my surroundings. They help to keep me motivated and in good health by taking on and assisting with a lot of my tasks, (Regardless to my OCD tendencies) lol.

Looking back at where I came from as an extremely competitive business person willing to play on both sides of the law to “get the job done” so to speak, to where I am now as a conscious, selfless community builder, who puts the needs of others before himself, I didn’t evolve to this on my own. I know that my children were the cause of my evolution. When my first child was born I understood that all the money in the world couldn’t give me the peace of mind that a solid community could. That’s why I do what I do as a community builder and why I will continue to use my business experiences, and practices to support individuals and families, and to empower entrepreneurs and community organizations. . I will do this as long as needed, to ensure that the next generations have the protection, support, education and economic stability, and do not have to go through the struggles I did growing up.

Always at the service of people, simply serving humanity and having a great time. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I’m looking forward to building with you.