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My name is Yasmine peters
I got connected to OFC group the ending of 2018 and I must say am super happy that I’ve joined the group I was welcomed with opened arms …. the support you always get it’s amazing … it’s not even a year as yet and OFC is already making my dream come true am so grateful …

Yasmine Peters


Neka's Cuisine

“I would like to thank the OFC team for their continuous dedication to empower the community. Through the OFC, I met active entrepreneurs and community leaders with inspirational stories. Having a one stop shop for networking is priceless.”

Evens Joseph, President


Canexpharm International inc

Mainstream Digicom logo

“The OFC(One full circle)  is an exceptional organization! Bottom line, I love the OFC(One full circle) and what it represents. Which for me is a Hub where, like minded people from within the black business community can grow and network. It’s a positive environment to grow your network and the members within the group are also very eager to help. Pharaoh Freeman the founder, is very involved in maintaining the focus of the group and is genuinely interested in helping businesses succeed. It has helped me, and my business grow.”

Francois Egberongbe, President


Mainstream Digicom

Giselle Crouch

“ Being a part of the OFC has been a benefit in so many ways. It gives me a sense of community and belonging, it has allowed me to expand my options in regards to supporting businesses of people who look like me, and to also receive support in the growth and expansion of my business.”

Giselle Crouch, President




“OFC has given me connections to businesses and people that I was not able to access on my own.  This gave me confidence with my business knowing that the strong support I needed was in my own community.”

Sabrina Carrington, Owner


(AIAN) As Intended All Natural


Good Evening…I want to take the time to THANK Pharaoh⁩ for always supporting me in my endeavors and for the OFC. Last week, (March 2020) I reached out asking for donations to bring down our brother Svens Telemaque; who’s an author, poet n motivational speaker. He was invited to come and speak to some youths in the community about their life and the consequences of some of their choices. Let me tell YOU….he did a stellar job..the youths were receptive and each n every person in the room, regardless of age walked away feeling inspired..motivated..renewed and ready to make a positive change. This would not have been possible without the support and donations from the network. I GOT YOU…memba dat. Felt real good feeling my community back me in my efforts to bring hope to the youth in are community who are hurting and are at risk of social exclusion. Last night was a success n I couldn’t have done it without you.”



I wish to say I am so happy that I joined  this OFC Market place. I had a problem with my studio equipment and settings that impacts directly on my business. I contact the group first to see if there is some who can assist me. Mr Hennessy responded to my request. Today, the class went well, no glitches.. it was wonderful. I am very happy to be part of this village



“Quick note for the ones who do not know.. The OFC is a super-charged version of Yellow Pages on steroids. Thanks to One Full Circle, my comedy shows have seen exponential growth. Fellow members were able to see my vision based on conversations in our social media groups. SEVERAL BECAME CLIENTS AND SOME HAVE SPONSORED EVENTS. I was able to consult with an OFC business coach, and 3 years later I’m proud to be one of the elite comedy-show producers in Montreal and surrounding cities. *The OFC group features a variety of small to medium size businesses.* I know someone who knows someone who can solve your concern. That is ONE FULL CIRCLE. “

Big Will Comedy