We Care

WE CARE – Community Upliftment (Pilot program)

Think of Us 1st for all your community and business needs. Request a support call.  

The OFC has earned the trust and respect of the community through its actions and reputations of putting the community first. Through The We Care – Community Upliftment Pilot program we are supporting the community and empowering youth from across the province of Quebec. Our member support representatives will be calling you to check on your general wellbeing and if you need anything you can contact us!

OFCLink - Community Directory

OFC Link

Connect with people, businesses and organizations in the Melanated Community to find the goods and services that you need. The OFCLink is The OFC Community web platform exclusively for Current and Active members. Please ask for what you need. Promote, Advertise, Network and most importantly get to know each other, Shop & Support! Visit the OFCLink to find or list goods and services and to get up to date with community news with the OFC Community Calendar! We have made it easy to connect to and support Melanated businesses. (Read more…)

Doc, Movie & Lecture Club (DML Club)

The OFC DOC, Movie & Lecture Club (DML Club)

The OFC is the largest distributor of hidden colors documentaries. Hidden colors 1,2,3,4,5 and 1804; Hidden History of Haiti are films that highlight the contributions of Melanated community prior to slavery. The OFC has been engaging with speakers such as Dr. Calud Anderson, Dr. Umar Johnson and Brother Kaba Kamene and others scholars who offer culturally adapted workshops to educate the community on their rich history.

Registered members seeking a deeper understanding of their history are given access to The OFC DOC, Movie & Lecture Club (DML Club). A unique password is provided to members, which gives them access to a library of Melanated focus documentaries, and movies. Starting July 1st, 2021 a new film or documentary will be made available for members to view. Join The DML Club today!

OFC Investment Club

OFC Investment club

At the request of the members, The OFC has created an investment club exclusive to members. The long term mandate of this collective is to create an independent financial institution. In the interim the club is dedicated to pooling their money together to invest in real estate. 

The current land development initiative is the OFC Holistic Healing and Wellness Retreat and the establishment of a cultural based district, similar to a “China Town”, or the former “Black Wall Street” that was located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These real estate developments will serve as a legacy to the future generations and as a collateral for the future financial institution. 

To date the collective has independently raised over $40,000 towards the creation of their initiative. Members sharing a desire to pool their money together to establish an economic foundation are welcome to join. (Join here)


Empower Hour - Radio platform

OFC Empower hour

The Empower Hour is the OFC Radio. The show is broadcasted on CKUT 90.3FM and aired Live on facebook every Thursday morning from 7am to 9am. OFC members benefit from the exposure offered to them on the platform to the over 20,000 weekly listeners that CKUT offers. The OFC Community update and the OFC Business Zones are two dedicated segments on the show when members share what they have going on and the details about their business to the community at large. Not only will the show entertain, enlighten, educate, and empower you, but it will add a burst of positivity to the pre-start of your weekend. Listen to show archives here

B2B Community support initiative - Locals Helping Locals

Covid has negatively affected a lot of small and medium size businesses. Most individuals, especially within marginalized communities, depend on their small businesses to sustain themselves and their families. They say it takes a village to raise a child, the same can be said for supporting a budding business. In an effort to support community businesses to cope in these hard times and to encourage local community businesses to support each other, The OneFullCircle Melanated Community Network (The OFC) has partnered with WebSaver.ca to launch the LOCALS HELPING LOCALS – B2B Community support Initiative. $1,000 and exposure have been given to community businesses as an incentive to support each other.  (read more)

Holistic Healing Retreat & Campground

OFC Holistic Healing Retreat & Campground

The OFC Holistic Healing Retreat & Campground is a holistic natural escape and safe space open to all, including individuals with special needs. The target launch is summer 2022. There will be eco-friendly structures onsite for the community to rent, live and visit year-round. Program facilitators will be onsite offering free, subsidized and paying workshops. For more information