We believe that the Canadian Black History collectible cards are a great value because of the joy and education that it brings to everyone.
The Cards are now being sold independently, but were originally produced by Canadian Historian and founder of BlacBiblio; Dr. Dorothy Williams, as a part of the curriculum she created for schools. https://blacbiblio.com/product-features/
Aside from the amazing Harriet Tubman, for years the community has been exposed to Black History from an American lens. But with Viola Desmond as the new face of the $10 bill the community is now turning their attention to Canadians who have had an impact on society. The Canadian Black History Collectible cards provides facts about other Canadian Blacks that most will be blown away by their creations. The information is provided in the way that appeal to Children, Teens, Adults, Parents, and educators.
Weight 0.24 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 17.8 × 17.8 cm
English Version

English product


The cards are available in English and French and retail for $20/pack.
Each deck features 26 high-quality color coded cards based on seven (7) themes:
Red = Sports
Green = Military Exploits
Blue = Places
Purple = Science
Yellow = Pioneers
Brown = Politics
Orange = Human Rights