It’s important that the basic needs of the community are met. Community service enables us to offer programs & activities that nurture, educate, & unite the community.
  1. Monthly Meetings: Starting back in June 2018. We will be hosting monthly OFC Meet, Greet & Movie Nights. This will allow members to meet each other, give businesses & organizations an opportunity to introduce their products, & allow us to inform you all on new developments.
  2. OFC Emergency response program: Details of the program are Here..E.R.P & Here…Questionaire
  3. OFC Green House: Our green house is open in Verdun
  4. OFC Home school: Our home school network is evolving. We are planning a field trip to a country in Africa
  5. OFC & Dreams Take Flight: We are sending a child to Walt Disney free for the day!
Financial empowerment is extremely important for the longevity & success of every community. Our financial focus allows us to aid in empowering community businesses & support their growth so that they can create more employment with our youth. Through our investment club, we’re also dedicated to the creation of our own community credit union.
  1. OFC Investment club: Here are the FAQ’s..
  2. 1000 Businesses: We set a target to help 1000 businesses to make more money & to expand to create more job for the youth in our community.
  3. Buy a Block Campaign: The OFC needs a facility by July 1st, 2018! We will be launch a fundraising campaign to secure the financing to purchase a new facility in order to expand our services!

Politics is something we take seriously. As a community we decide which political party best serve our needs & we vote as a collective. Through our network of businesses & organizations we also stand together against injustices & discrimination.

  1. OFC Political party: We are helping the community to get more informed so that we can vote as a collective. We would like to eventually evolve to having our own political party.