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ofccommunity / Networking

What Is Networking?

We aspire to facilitate meaningful connections between English and French business people and entrepreneurs from both within and outside our community by organizing various events such as workshops, seminars, and more. Our events aim to provide a platform where individuals can come together to engage in constructive discussions, exchange innovative ideas, establish valuable business relationships, and identify, develop, or pursue lucrative business opportunities.

How do we do it?

The OFC is Canada’s most extensive network catering to the needs of the French and English speaking Melanated communities with over 15,000 members. We collect information from our members to provide resources and assistance that support and empower individuals, families, and community businesses and organizations. Our efforts aim to bridge gaps within the community by organizing bilingual workshops and engaging activities that encourage interaction and promote a sense of togetherness.

What is the future?

Our unwavering efforts to expand our reach and impact within the Melanated community in Canada are fueled by our well-designed ‘We Care’ program. Our focus on community building and engagement has been instrumental in our success so far, and our bilingual workshops and activities play a crucial role in promoting cultural awareness and a sense of belonging. Through our ‘We Care’ program, we provide personalized support to our members to help them achieve their goals and realize their full potential. We are confident that our efforts will enable us to double our network within the next three years and make a meaningful impact in the Melanated community in Canada.