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Music With Meaning

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Join Us:

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey! Whether you are a school, a community center, a business owner, an artist, or an individual passionate about making a difference, we welcome your collaboration and support.

Contact & Booking:

For more information or to book the Music with Meaning Tour for your school or community, please contact us. Let’s unite to create harmonious spaces where individuals from diverse backgrounds can connect, express, and support each other, building a united and resilient community

Welcome to Music With Meaning!

The Music with Meaning Tour is a transformative initiative founded by The OneFullCircle Melanated Community Superhub (OFC) in 2006. Coordinated by Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman, this initiative is dedicated to empowering youth through the universal language of music, providing innovative opportunities for expression and personal development.

Our Mission:

The Music with Meaning Tour is dedicated to empowering youth by providing innovative opportunities for expression, aimed at combating the detrimental effects of bullying and the various challenges they encounter. We strive to be a beacon of information, illuminating the path to community resources and support, with the aim of nurturing resilience, awareness, and personal development in the youth we serve.

Our History:

For a decade, starting in 2006, our team visited schools across Quebec, using music as a vehicle to encourage students to strive for excellence, rise above bullying, and complete their education. This initiative allowed us to positively impact the lives of over 50,000 youth, fostering a sense of community, mutual respect, and understanding.

Our Journey Continues:

The Music with Meaning Tour is back, more vibrant and impactful than ever! We are reviving this powerful project to continue inspiring and empowering the youth of today. Our approach involves organizing musical events and workshops in various urban areas, focusing on violence prevention and community building.

Project Components:

  1. School and Community Tour: Geared towards students and teens, this tour uses music and entertainment to inform about available social and mental health support and resources, promoting self-expression and peer support.
  2. Community Tour: This component is aimed at adults, business owners, and entrepreneurs, creating networking opportunities and providing support to bridge cultural gaps and foster mutual understanding and respect.
  3. OFC Fest: A culminating event bringing together youth, adults, business owners, artists, and motivational speakers to share learnings, testimonials, and success stories, and provide networking and educational opportunities.

Music With Meaning: