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Subscribe for the OFC newsletter for news about new black businesses in the community

The benefits of being an OFC Subscribing Member include:

● Registered on OFC mailing list

● Access to Community Newsletter

● Support & service calls to ensure all personal, social & business needs are being met



BRONZE membership are are not exclusive to the Melanated comunity

OFC BRONZE Members have access to:

● Our private business network on Facebook with over 2500 members

● Job placement support

● Access to businesses and services in the community

● Community updates through OFC mailing list

● Remote Mobile top ups

● Access to Educational materials for children within the OFC Homeschooling


● Homeschooling network provides resources & materials as well as organize

group outings for those who wish to homeschool their children.

● Limited access to OFC Directory

● Access to spiritual counselling support

● Access to legal representation, immigration support and advice (Legal

representation service costs at the discretion of legal service providers)

● The OFC Community Crisis prevention program (SPRING 2020)


$15/Month or $180/year *10% discount for 1 time payment (+ One time $20 initial


(Includes Supporting business, & Organizations)

SILVER members are individuals who are not Melanated, but they abide by the OFC code of

conduct & support the vision of a united Melanated community. Supporters receive support and

marketing opportunities through the network but understand that the organization’s primary

focus is to prioritize, support and empowerment of the Melanated community.

The benefits of being an OFC SILVER Member include:

● Network support, referrals & promotions

● Affiliate support such as Business coaching, Marketing, Finance coaching,

Telecommunications, Legal services and Admin support

● Receiving membership support and service calls

● Access to *select OFC activities and events

○ It is understood that certain events & activities are exclusive to the

melanated members of the community.

● Discounted marketing and business support and solutions

● Opportunity to advertise through sponsorship of select OFC and OFC

affiliated events

● Discounts off of products and services offered through the OFC (Discounts

are at the discretion of the business owner.)

● Listing on site on supporter page

● Free listing on the

● Discounted Advertising on OFC Affiliated digital media platform; Moor Media

● Access to OFC Investment initiatives

● Fundraising support

● Staffing support

( Exclusive to Non Malanted Community).


$10/Month or $120/year *10% discount for 1 time payment (+ One time $20 initial contribution)

(Formally CORE & includes FAMILY memberships, senior, OFCGG (OFC Golden Girls), Jr. Gold, Students)

The OFC GOLD Member package gives you access to all Bronze member benefits and more,


● Access to affiliate support such as life finance coaching, life coaching,

accounting, *personal loans as well as phone, internet and other telecom services

○ *Personal loans (Must be a member for at least 12 months. The OFC will vouch

for members, but financial support is not guaranteed as the final decision is at the

discretion of the OFC’s financial affiliates)

● Our private business network on WhatsApp and Facebook with over 2500 members

● Access to the OFC *investment club & investment initiatives

○ Members of the OFC investment club are upgraded to DIAMOND Members.

● Access to the OFC 24/7 for emergency aid & support

● *Discounts on OFC events tickets & purchases at supporting OFC


○ *Discounts are made at the discretion of the business owner. To receive

discounts, OFC Membership identification must be displayed prior to purchase.

● Eligibility to have child(ren) experience a *FREE trip to Disney world for the

day through Dreams take flight

○ *Dreams take flight is a program for underprivileged youth. Visit for more details.

● Peace of mind knowing your children are members of a borderless community

● Access to the OFC Cottage at a discount rate

● Eligible for Free gifts and promotions

● Stage/ Internship placement support

● Access to Melanated based content such as, books, videos, music, art, and

historical documents.

● Access to room bookings for relevant events/projects (Based on availability)

● *Full access to the directory and members

○ *Full access includes “Find a Member Tool” which allows members to directly

seek out & communicate with fellow members all over the world through the OFC

mobile app (Launching Fall 2020)

Fall 2020

● Jr. Gold member (17 & Under)

○ Free activities and events (quarterly family outings, activities and events are

coordinated through the OFC Social services committee)

○ Possibility to be chosen for a Free Day Trip to Disney

○ Free OFC pin

○ Discounts at OFC supported events and locations

● OFC Golden Girls – OFCGG (Teens & Pre-Teens)

○ Details coming soon

● Golden Group – Family membership

○ Details coming soon


$15/Month or $180/year *10% discount for 1 time payment (+ One time $20 initial contribution)

Note: Organizations & Business Partnerships Pay an initial contribution of $20 for each administrator.

(Formally business & organization member. Also includes media, senior business owner,

student business owner, start ups, & business partnership)

The OFC PLATINUM member package gives you access to all GOLD member benefits and more, including:

● Free listing on our mobile friendly website

● Business support, tools and counselling from OFC Affiliates (Business

coach, Marketing director, Finance coach, Telecommunication manager,

Business lawyer and Admin support) & tools such as business plan

templates & more.

● Free and Discounted business marketing tools such as, business cards,

graphic work, website, apps etc.

● Access to promote on OFC Website, post freely to Social media platforms

and mailing list of over 10,000+ subscribers

● *Sales support. OFC will aid in direct sales on behalf of business

○ * Business provide OFC with a sales commision on sales. Commission amount is

at the discretion of the business owner.

● Discounts on advertising at OFC supported events

● Access to a network of individuals dedicated to support community businesses

● Increase “Like” campaign on facebook

● Access to *promotion outlets and product placement at recognized OFC


○ *Members are encouraged to advertise each other’s products at their stores

and/or office locations

● Access to group purchasing and bulk-purchase discounts

● Advertising discounts on the OFC’s affiliated commercial digital media platform

“Moor Media,” as well as affiliated radio programs.

● Programs and activities support through marketing and fundraising done through the OFC network.

● Fundraising support

● Volunteer recruitment and staffing support

● Access to reference and support letters

● OFC Certification similar to BBB (Better business bureau)

● Voting seat on the OFC coalition “African Aboriginal Community Council (AACC)”

(Spring 2020)

● Access to OFC contribution sharing (5% of OFC monthly/annual contributions

are donated to affiliated groups/organizations of members’ choice) (Fall 2020).


$100/Month, $300/Quarter, $600/twice or $1200/year (+ GOLD & PLATINUM Membership contribution)

Exclusive to members investing in the OFC Investment club & *investment initiatives.

*Investment initiatives can be made once & are open to Silver members.

The benefits of being an OFC DIAMOND Member include:

● Working individuals serious about investing

● Investing collectively for the creation of community wealth & infrastures

such as real estate, for profit ventures & the creation of the *African credit union (ACU)


● Supporting the initiative of creating wealth to empower future generations

● Having the option to invest for a return or the ownership of shares

DIAMOND Member are asked to :

● Share their opinions on investments

● Provide any expertise they may have to ensure the collective is making sound


● Invest financially

● Sign agreements in addition to the code of conduct to secure their investments.

● Be a Gold, Platinum or *Silver member

○ *Silver members represent 10% of less of the investment club & are entitled to

making a return on their investments, but do not have access to the ownership of shares.


$500/Month or $6000/year *10% discount for 1 time payment (+ One time $250 initial contribution)

Coming Fall 2020 – *Details available upon request

*Information only available to active Silver, Gold & Platinum members

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