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OFC Groups and Organizations exist as strong supports to the community by offering essential services. Our Groups and Organizations offer services to the community and can also come to us for support in terms of expanding their recognition, membership, and reach. The OFC encourages our members to join our partner groups and organizations and support their initiatives.

The benefits of being an OFC Group/Organization member include all of the benefits of our Business Members, along with these additional benefits:

All eligible Group/Organization employees will receive OFC special membership rates (Business members pay CORE rates, and CORE members pay Supporting Member rates) Access to OFC contribution sharing (5% of OFC monthly/annual contributions are donated to affiliated groups/organizations of members’ choice) Support for your programs and activities through marketing, fundraising and more Listed as an affiliate on the OFC mobile friendly website Access to reference and support letters Seat on the African Aboriginal Community Council (AACC) ****Melanated (A derivative of Melanin and Melanoid): Melanin is a dark brown coloring found in the body, especially in the skin and hair. Melanin is produced by special skin cells that are sensitive to sunlight, melanin protects the body by absorbing rays from the sun. The Melanoid community acknowledge their ancestral lineage and connection to the universe

The Organization membership is $216.00/Year or $20.00/Month  and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 

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Businesses come to the OFC for enhanced exposure and increased networking opportunities. They also receive sales and marketing coaching services to help them to increase sales and revenues (cost of Business Coaching Services are partially absorbed by the OFC, depending on the services required).  Our Business Members always provide great customer service and product quality. They have long-term visions for their businesses which enable them to provide jobs for our youth and future generations. In addition, they see the value of supporting community through providing sponsorship, internship and employment opportunities.

The benefits of being an OFC Business member include all of the benefits of our Core Membership, along with these additional benefits:

Free listing on our mobile friendly website: Discounted advertising and vendor kiosks through BottinHaitien: Business support and counselling (business advising through referrals to other professionals, business plan templates and marketing) Discounted business marketing tools such as, business cards, graphic work, website, apps etc. Access, with permission from administrator, to post without charge on the OFC Community group on Facebook (2000+ members) Increase “Like” campaign on facebook Discounted advertising for OFC supported events

Access to media affiliated with the OFC such as, CKUT, Community Contact, and NUWLA Blog Access to short term business loans (Must be a member for at least 12 months. Members in need of financial assistance are given funds as long as funds are available) Access to promotion outlets and product placement at recognized OFC locations (Members are encouraged to advertise each other’s products at their stores and/or office locations) Access to group purchasing, as well as bulk-purchase discounts (eg. Hair salon owners coming together to purchase products they all use in bulk to lower their costs) Promotion through the OFC mailing list (10,000+ subscribers)

The Business membership is $162.00/Year or $15.00/Month and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 

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$100.00$1,200.00Select optionsQuick View



A Core Member is an individual who sees the value in coming together. Core Members want to spend their money within the community to enable our businesses to thrive. They support the OFC by going to events, patronizing stores, and using the OFC cottage — essentially, core members are the lifeline of the OFC.

The benefits of being an OFC Core Member include all the benefits of being a Student Member, along with these additional benefits:

Free financial planning advice from our in-house financial planner Opportunity to invest with the Community Keepers Savings and Investment Group —the OFC’s official investment group Access to business or personal counselling support Access to legal representation* and advice (Legal representation service costs at the discretion of legal service providers) Job placement support in the form of reference letters and referrals Free educational materials for children and access to OFC Homeschooling (Legacy Center of Higher Learning is the OFC’s Homeschooling network. They provide resources and materials as well as organize group outings for those who wish to homeschool their children) Access to short term personal loans (In order to receive a loan, you must be a member for at least a year. Loans are issued through Capital Plus. Interest rates and additional charges apply)

The Business membership is $108.00/Year or $10.00/Month and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 




Free (Parent must be a Core, Business, or Organization member)

Junior Members of the OFC are between the ages of birth to 17yrs old. Junior members are registered by their parents. They are given opportunities to explore the operations and developments of the OFC organization, and that of its business and organization members to ensure they have an understanding of all the functionalities of a community and to excite them on future jobs, careers and businesses. Junior members are respected and embraced by all members as they are viewed as the “Future generation” and the communities succession plan.

The benefits of being an OFC Junior Member include:

Free activities and events (quarterly family outings, activities and events are coordinated through the OFC Social services committee) Free OFC pin Discounts at OFC supported events and locations

Add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 

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Senior Members of the OFC are 65+ yrs old and are supported and respected as community elders. They receive all the benefits of a CORE member and are given all moral & social support they desire. In the event that they have a business they receive all the support of a business member.

Special pricing (contact for details)


This membership is designed for students who wish to contribute to, and engage in, the process of community support and development. OFC Student Members bring their unique insight and skills to the table in order to assist our OFC businesses and organizations, as well as gain essential experience by working with our members and joining our large network of Melanated*** professionals. Student Members are enrolled in school at the time of membership, and agree to dedicate at least 25 hours* of their time to volunteering, and being mentored by an OFC member in a relevant field.

*25 hours for the year, done at their discretion. Students are paired with an OFC member in their field of expertise

The benefits of being an OFC Student Member include those of a Supporting Member, along with these additional benefits below:

Full access to the directory – including our “Find a Member Tool” which allows members to directly seek out fellow members through the OFC mobile app Access to Melanated*** based content such as, books, videos, music, art, historical documents and more Access to room bookings for relevant events/projects that align with the OFC mission to unite and empower the Melanated*** community.

The Student/Participant membership is $20/yr. and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 



Supporting businesses are owned by individuals who are not Melanated, but they abide by the OFC code of conduct & support the vision of a united Melanated community. Supporting business receive support and marketing opportunities through the network but understand that the organization’s primary focus is to priorotze, support and empowerment businesses owned by Melanated members of the community.

  The Supporting Business membership is $7.50/mo. or $81/yr. and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 

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Supporting Members of the OFC are individuals who wish to support the initiative of unifying the Melanated*** communities.

The benefits of being an OFC Supporting Member include:

Receiving  membership support and service calls Community development and support through networking opportunities 5-15% discount off of products and services listed in the OFC directory and special offers on events, programs, resources and workshops offered by the OFC.  Discounts are made at the discretion of the business owner. To receive discounts, OFC Membership identification must be displayed prior to purchase.

 The Support membership is $5/mo. or $54/yr. and you must add Initial contribution 

Initial contribution 




Free (Email or Mailing address required)

Subscribing Members of the OFC are individuals who wish to support the initiative of unifying the Melanated*** community.

The benefits of being an OFC Subscribing Member include:

Registered on all OFC Social media platforms and mailing list Community updates

The Subscribing membership is free 

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