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Me Mireille Nana

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Me Mireille Nana

Me Mireille Nana, Founding Lawyer
Before practicing for MLT Attorneys, Mireille Lavie Nana has practiced as a lawyer in civil and commercial litigation and corporate financing in a renowned law firm in Montreal for almost two (2) years and has an independent business attorney for three (3) years. She practiced corporate law in firms and companies for 5 years in France.

Me Nana values client satisfaction, integrity and respect in her business relationships. Most of her clients consider her as a business partner both for the choice of the legal form of their enterprise, the negotiation of their contract, as well as their representation and defense of their interests before competent courts.

Adventurous in nature with love for traveling, she combines her passion for airplanes with the assistance needs of SMEs in aeronautical field to define the niche practice are of the firm.