Locals Helping Locals

Locals Helping Locals
"B2B Community Support Initiative"

Covid has negatively impacted a lot of small and medium size businesses. Most individuals, especially within marginalized communities, depend on their small businesses to sustain themselves and their families. They say it takes a village to raise a child, the same can be said for supporting a budding business. In an effort to support community businesses to cope in these hard times and to encourage local community businesses to support each other, The OneFullCircle Melanated Community Network (The OFC), and WebSaver.ca has partnered to launch the Locals Helping Locals – B2B Community support Initiative. $1,000, exposure and business support is given to community businesses to empower them and encourage them to support each other. 

The OFC received a sponsorship from WebSaver.ca to help community businesses. Based on previous surveys performed by the OFC they knew the best way to support community businesses is with a capital injection, regardless how large or small, every dollar counts. The initiative leveraged the financial support given to the OFC from their sponsors, larger businesses and corporations. The OFC has used funds received to pay businesses owners to advertise in their storefronts. Below you can look through all the beautiful posters as they  display the power of local community businesses supporting other community businesses. Each poster showcases the participating business as well two other participating community businesses on the same poster. 

In addition to the $1000, and visibility, as OFC members, business owners will receive additional support, and connections to teams of professionals dedicated to their success. Thanks to the The Empower Hour Radio show the business owners will also be promoted on the radio. As of June 10th, 2021 you will hear one business sharing information about their business. 7am to 9am on CKUT 90.3FM radio.  

“We are glad to support our community businesses. These businesses are the backbone of our community; they hire our children, and sponsor our initiatives. If we don’t come together to help them, who will?” – Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman    

Large businesses and corporations desiring to have a positive impact in the community are invited to contact us to get involved. 

Community Businesses are invited to join the OFC for an opportunity to take part in the 2022 Local Business to Business Community support Initiative.