Holistic Healing Retreat & Campground

Rest, Restore & Rejuvenate!


Holistic healing & mental health sUPPORT

*Please note the images above are samples of the structures that we are intending on building onsite, and not what is currently onsite. Thank you for your understanding.


The OFC’s Holistic Healing Retreat and Campground’s mission is to provide mental, physical & spiritual support to the Melanated community, by taking them out of the city into a fun & eco-friendly setting to be served by culturally adapted healing professionals, while they reconnect to themselves & nature.

The community is suffering from anxiety, stress as a result of race based trauma due to experienced or witnessed police brutally and depression from being in isolation due to covid. We also have generations of individuals from the community that have never had the opportunity to leave the inner cities do to a lack of resources and opportunity.

We’re providing a safe space for the community to reconnect with themselves and nature. A space where they can connect with like minded individuals and culturally adapted health professionals, such as naturopaths, life coaches, Reiki masters, Meditation and Yoga Instructors, spiritual healers, Drum and Dance Teachers and counselors.

The land will be a holistic natural escape and safe space open to all, including individuals with special needs. There will be eco-friendly structures onsite for the community to rent, live and visit year-round. Program facilitators will be onsite offering free, subsidized and paying workshops such as : 

  • Heath workshops with Melanated health professionals to enable the community to learn, build and heal from traumas, anxiety, social isolation, and depression by connecting to nature in a culturally adapted atmosphere.
  • Workshops that focus on understanding the Quebec landscape,
  • Building eco-friendly housing workshops,   
  • Detox, Natural eating and natural healing seminars, 
  • Growing food in greenhouse workshops, 
  • Nature walks, Yoga, Reiki and meditation sessions, 
  • Life skills, communication, leadership, team building through fishing, and more!
  • The OFC is grateful for the collaboration with community facilitators, together we are serving the needs of the community.

Business owners, instructors, animators and entrepreneurs seeking a location or facility to serve their clients are welcome to contact The OFC to discuss collaboration options. (Must be a registered member of The OFC to collaborate. Details below.)

The site will also be available for work retreat, seminars and team building activities. There will also be a boutique, Eco-Friendly AirBnB, Multi-purpose facilities, and Quebecois/ Caribbean/ African fusion Cantine with vegan and vegetarian selections. In accordance with safety regulations, the majority of the activities on site will be outdoors, and to ensure the community’s safety, the eco-friendly structures will be spaced out and strategically located on the land to respect social distancing.  

“We need to support the future generations by bringing the community together in safe spaces to heal, learn and connect with each other and nature. More importantly, we need to empower them by bringing them to a place that they own! ” – Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman. 

The goal is to have the site ready for summer 2022. Members have the opportunity to invest and will receive priority booking. Please review our code of conduct that governs the community. If you are in accordance with them, we would love to have you as a member of the community