Group/ Organization Member

OFC Groups and Organizations exist as strong supports to the community by offering essential services. Our Groups and Organizations offer services to the community and can also come to us for support in terms of expanding their recognition, membership, and reach. The OFC encourages our members to join our partner groups and organizations and support their initiatives.

The benefits of being an OFC Group/Organization member include all of the benefits of our Business Members, along with these additional benefits:

All eligible Group/Organization employees will receive OFC special membership rates (Business members pay CORE rates, and CORE members pay Supporting Member rates) Access to OFC contribution sharing (5% of OFC monthly/annual contributions are donated to affiliated groups/organizations of members’ choice) Support for your programs and activities through marketing, fundraising and more Listed as an affiliate on the OFC mobile friendly website Access to reference and support letters Seat on the African Aboriginal Community Council (AACC) ****Melanated (A derivative of Melanin and Melanoid): Melanin is a dark brown coloring found in the body, especially in the skin and hair. Melanin is produced by special skin cells that are sensitive to sunlight, melanin protects the body by absorbing rays from the sun. The Melanoid community acknowledge their ancestral lineage and connection to the universe

The Organization membership is $216.00/Year or $20.00/Month.