Membership access passes

GOLD - Individual/Family

OFC Gold Member

GOLD Membership Types & Benefits

Individual – $15 Monthly or $150 Annually
I’m a Melanated individual that’s interested in coming together with like-minded individuals to help my community flourish. I’m becoming a member to get support with connecting with quality community owned businesses.

Family –  $150 Annually
We’re a Melanated Family that’s interested in coming together with other families to share best practices. I’m becoming a member to benefit from the cultural adapted resources available to support my family. *Includes Parents, and all children ages 20yrs and younger. Young adults 21yrs and older living in the same household, pay for their own membership but benefit from a 50% discount off of the member package of their choice

Senior –  $50 Annually
I’m a Melanated senior individual and/or business owner that’s interested in coming together with like-minded individuals to help my community flourish. I’m becoming a member to get support with connecting with quality community owned businesses or to promote my business to others.

Junior (20 & under) – 20hrs volunteer within the year
I’m a Melanated youth of the community with a goal for my future. I may not be clear on what I would like to accomplish, but I’m becoming a member to get support by connecting with mentors, business owners and organizations that can help me accomplish my goals.

  • Personal Member Success Representative (PMSR) dedicated to serving business needs & support
  • Discounts on products and services (When applicable)
  • Full Access to OFC Investment Club
  • Free access to OFC workshops, and networking platform (The OC)
  • Direct access to business owners dedicated to empowering the community and creating jobs for the future generations
  • Support with creation of social groups and activities
  • Job placement support
  • Mentorship

Benefit Details

OFC Membership Details


Free Profile or Listing ( – Membership platform) enables members to connect directly with other like minded community members,  business owners and service providers. Within the private member groups, members benefit from raffles, giveaways, discounts, promotions, community updates, free workshops, classes and events.

All subscribers are given access to The OFC Community platform; Sharing content, making requests, advertising, and the ability to communicate directly with members are exclusively for registered members. Once a post is initiated by a registered member, subscribers can respond. The same rules apply for The OFC community Facebook platform. Registered members’ posts are pre-approved, subscribers’ posts are pending administrative approval. 

Business members and entrepreneurs are also granted access to share directly on the OFCLink Facebook page. 

Personal Member Support Representative (PMSR) 

Your PMSR is your personal community support representative. Similar to Google, except it is an individual who is assigned to you and receives your inquiries, as opposed to a search box.

To help streamline your searches we ensure that your PMSR is experienced in searching for resources within the community and supports you in your efforts to empower community businesses. Your PMSR has access to a large network of reliable and dedicated entrepreneurs and business owners. 

You are welcome to send requests to your PMPR via email, text or a phone call. They will respond within 24hrs. Requests can be sent 24hrs daily, however, your PMSR works on a part time schedule. 

Discounts (When applicable) 

Entrepreneurs and Business owners are encouraged to provide discounts to members of the community. Discounts may vary between 5% to 15% (At the discretion of the business owner)   

Access to OFC Investment Club (OFCIC) 

The OFC Investment club enables the community to pool their money together to make collective investments. Registered members, allies and sponsors have the ability to invest and earn a return on their investment. The OFCIC is currently working on the development of their own Black Wallet Street, in the form of a Eco-Friendly Gated community, equipped with a greenhouse, alongside a  Holistic Healing and Wellness Center, with a spa and short, and long term tiny home retreats, all on their own land!  

OFC workshops 

The OFC offers various workshops and lectures based on our members’ interests. Areas of focus are; Home schooling, Health, Spirituality, Farming and Eco-Living, Politics, Music, Advocacy, Business Support, Marketing and more. Workshops are created based on the requests made by the members.   

Certain workshops are designed to be safe spaces to enable members of the community to express themselves freely. Those activities are exclusive to the Gold and Platinum members of the community. 

Promotion through OFC weekly radio – The Empower Hour

The Empower Hour Radio show is The OFC Radio show reaches over 20K listeners every Thursday morning 7am to 9am EST on CKUT 90.3FM Radio as well as Live of The OFC Membership Facebook group.

The OFC dedicated 30 minutes of each show to showcase members businesses, services and events in their OFC Community Updates and OFC Business Zone Segments. If you have always wanted an opportunity to be on the radio, The OFC is glad to create an opportunity for you!