OFC membership club

Why join the OFC?

The OFC membership is for people who see a value in working together. Members take pride in supporting each other, and building structures to support their future generations.

What is the difference between the OFC Directory and the Membership Club?

The OFC Directory is where all OFC Business, groups and organizations are listed. To be listed in the OFC Community directory, you must be a member of the club, and abide by the club’s code of conduct (Link)

How do I join the OFC Membership Club?

The process for joining the OFC is very simple:

1. Express your interest

2. Receive a welcome call

3. Read and agree to code conduct

4. Determine what membership type best describes you

5. Pay $20.00  initial contributions

6. Determine payment method for monthly or annual contribution

7. Once confirmed individuals are invited to a monthly meeting to introduce themselves to the team and to meet others.    

Do I have to be black* to join the OFC?

The OFC membership is open to all nationalities. Organization, Business, Core & Senior members are exclusive to members of the Melanated community, but all other memberships are open to all nationalities.   

What are the benefits of being apart of the OFC Membership club?

There are a lot of benefits to members you can review them all here (Link)

What are the stipulations of being apart of the OFC Membership club?       

We invite you review our code of conduct (Link)

How often does my OFC Membership have to be renewed?

Membership are renewed annually

Do you have meetings that members have to attend?

Understanding that our members are busy, we don’t expect them to attend regular meetings. Once a member, individuals are expected to attend the one meeting within the 1st two months of their membership to meet other members, and to introduce themselves. Aside from that, the OFC currently host a Monthly movie night that members are welcome to attend at their discretion.

OFC Directory

How does a business, or organization become listed in the directory?

To be listed in the director you must be a Organization, or Business member of the OFC. Details: http://ofccommunity.com/membership-categories/

What are the stipulations of being listed in the directory?

Members must adhere to the OFC Code of conduct to listed on the site. (Link to code of conduct)  

What are the benefits of being listed in the directory?

Members of the OFC are dedicated to spending money within the community. Being listed within our directory enables the supports of community businesses to find you.

Other benefits of being a member of the club: (Link to benefits)

Can business outside of Canada/Montreal* be apart of the directory?

Yes. The OFC Community directory is an international network. We encourage

Aside from the visibility on the OFC what are other services available to me?

When joining the OFC Community you receive support calls from our team of affiliates dedicated to supporting you in your development to aid you in succeeding!

Affiliates (Link to affiliate page)

Business Coach

Marketing director

Telecommunications manager


Money Coach

Administration support