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ofccommunity / FAQ

General Questions

What is Melanin or Melanated?

Melanated is derived from the word Melanin. Melanin is The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their dark color. We use the term Melanated to unite all “Black people” and eliminate geographical boundaries when describing people of African descent.

Why join The OFC?

The OFC community is for people who see value in working together. Members take pride in supporting each other and building structures to support their future generations.

Why do you have a Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct is what governs our network and holds our members held accountable. They vary slightly depending on if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur/organization or individual/family or Ally/ Sponsor. Click here

What is the difference between The OFCLink Melanated Community Directory and The OneFullCircle Community?

The OFCLink is The OFC Member platform where all OFC members connect with each other. Businesses, groups and organizations are also listed to enable the community at large to locate the products and services they desire. The OFCCommunity is where you find out the information about The OFC Community.

How do I join The OFC Community?

The process for joining The OFC is very simple:

  1. Review the OFC access passes on The website to determine which pass best serve their needs.
  2. Sign up on the website
  3. Complete membership payment if applicable (SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM)
    1. Or sign up as a free subscriber (BRONZE access)
  4. Receive auto response with Code of conduct and link to schedule welcome call
  5. Review Code of Conduct ( Our Code of Conduct is what governs our network and holds our members held accountable. They vary slightly depending on if you’re a business owner/entrepreneur/organization or individual/family or Supporter/Ally/Sponsor.)
    1. If in agreement proceed
    2. If not in agreement – send an email to cancel the membership request
  6. Receive your welcome call
  7. Your OFC member support representative (MSR) will complete your registration, add you to the OFC membership social media group and member platform (The –  The purpose of the call is simply for you to ask all the questions you may have about the network, for us to explain the benefits of the network and to complete your membership. This call is roughly 30 minutes.
    1. For members purchasing an access pass: Is your referral. Outside of our director Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman, do you know anyone else who’s a registered member of the network? We ask for a referral to provide a reference. Please provide us with their name, and contact number to enable us to follow up. If you do not have a referral source, no problem! Simply let us know, we have alternative means of verification.
  8. Connect with your community and get the support you need
  9. Within two weeks you will receive your welcome package in the mail.

Can White or non-Black people join the OFC?

Yes. The OFC is open to all, regardless of race, gender, religious or political views. As long as the individual supports the visions of a united and economically strengthened Melanated community and they abide by our Code of Conduct, they are welcome to join.

What are the benefits of being a part of The OFC Membership club?

The primary benefit of joining the OFC as a family or individual is being a part of a collective that shares the same visions and values as you. OFC members seek to spend money in the community, and The OFC helps to ensure that members are connecting with quality Melanated community businesses. OFC businesses are dedicated to supporting the community and hiring our children. The OFC is dedicated to supporting its members and providing resources and more importantly advocacy when needed. Business owners and organizations benefit from business support, tools and client referrals. Non Melanated members benefit from giving back to the community and promoting  their business to the community. For more benefits

What are the stipulations of being a part of the OFC Membership club?

We invite you to review our Code of Conduct

How often does my OFC Membership access package have to be renewed?

Membership accesses are renewed annually.

Do you have meetings that members have to attend?

Understanding that our members are busy, we don’t expect them to attend regular meetings. Once you become a member, individuals are invited to attend a meeting to meet other members and to introduce themselves (In person or virtually). Aside from that, OFC members are expected to attend that annual mandatory members meeting.

Can I join The OFC to promote my Multi level marketing company (MLM)?

Yes. MLMs are welcome to join The OFC, however we ask that you promote your products and your services. Soliciting members or asking if anyone wants to make some extra money is prohibited. With that said, if a member does become a client and is interested in joining the business you are welcome to invite them to join your business.

Do you have to join the OFC in order to take part in the collective investment initiatives?

Yes, The OFC Investment group is exclusive to registered members of the OFC. All members sign a code of conduct which governs the network and ensures that all investors understand the expectations.

What is your mission?

The OneFullCircle Melanated Community’s (The OFC’s) mission is to empower the Melanated community against social exclusion by networking between the French and English speaking Melanated communities and by providing socio-economic stability through access to culturally adapted resources and business support.

Who are the board of directors?

Our board of directors is a collective of individuals, business owners, professionals and family members from various cultural backgrounds who are dedicated to the empowerment of the community. Visit here for a full list of board members, administrative team and advisory committee.

What is an access pass?

Subscribing to be a member of The OFC is free. Access packages are offered to individuals, families, business and organization owners  in the community who are interested in taking part in particular activities not available to all members, such as; the investment group. An additional benefit of access packages is that once you have purchased one all programs and workshops are free rather than pay per use.


How much is a service package?

They vary from $12.50 per month or $125 annually for individuals , $15 per month or $150 annually for families and $20 per month or $200 annually for business owners and organizations. Special packages for student and senior business owners are also available upon reques

Where does the money go?

The OFC is a social economy enterprise which means that we are a non profit organization that earns at least 50% of its revenue through its own efforts. We are proud to say that over 80% of our revenue comes from the support we receive from members purchasing access passes and their donations.

Why do businesses have to pay to list in the directory?

A simple listing in the directory is free for everyone, however for a business to get the most out of The OFC we suggest they get an access package. Unlike most black community directories, with the purchase of a platinum access package The OFC offers each business support tools, one on one support, networking opportunities and they are within a network of individuals who are dedicated to support them.

Why do individuals have to pay to join The OFC?

Anyone can join The OFC for free as long as they agree to our Code of Conduct. Individuals pay for an access package to benefit from additional advantages that are not available to free subscribers.

What do we do for the Black community?

We offer support and advocacy to all who need it.  We provide workshops and programs designed to economically support the current and future Melanated communities. These initiatives are accomplished through our areas of focus: Community support, Promoting collective accountability, Networking, Culture-based Education, maintaining a standard of Excellence and encouraging the economic stability of all members.

How do you bridge the French/English/Caribbean/African/Diaspora gap?

We make it a point to translate all our publications in both French and English. We also ensure that all of our activities are bilingual.  We host networking events that enable English speaking businesses to connect with French clients and French speaking business owners to connect with English clients. We offer translation tools and support to ensure success of the connection.

How many entrepreneurs/businesses are in the network?

We currently serve a network of over 15,000 members over 10% of those members are entrepreneurs and business owners. We are currently doing an internal audit of our members. We will update this section shortly (Today: June 11th, 2021)

How do you verify The OFC business members?

We rely on a referral system to ensure the integrity of our membership. In the event a referral is not available we we will ask a job, or community organization for a character referral

What is your overall goal?

By Serving Our Community, Encouraging Love For Self And Working Together With All Who Share Our Vision, We Will Create A Supporter, United, Respected, And Economically Empowered Global Melanated Community!

How does a business or organization become listed in the directory?

To be listed in the directory you must be an Organization, or Business member of The OFC. Details

What are the stipulations of being listed in the directory?

Members must adhere to the OFC Code of Conduct listed on the site.

What are the benefits of being listed in the directory?

Members of The OFC are committed to spending money within the community. Being listed within our directory enables community businesses to find you.

Other benefits of being a member of the club

Can businesses outside of Canada/Montreal* be a part of the directory?

Yes. The OFC Community directory is an international network.

Aside from the visibility on The OFC, what are other services available to me?

When joining The OFC community, you receive support calls from our team of affiliates dedicated to supporting you in your development and aiding you in succeeding!