Dr. Quentin Newhouse, Jr

OFC Business Coach

As an internationally certified Business Coach, I offer Business, Executive and Life coaching to individuals, groups and organizations.  Since 2011, I have owned a Canadian corporation dedicated to improving the productivity, job satisfaction, and performance of those who want to see change positively impact their lives and companies. Specifically, I offer individual, group and organizational coaching strategies developed by you and applied as “baby steps”. Strategies include business plans, workshops, organizational development, and personnel issues. Moving forward, we will eliminate all excuses to promote your success. Together, we will adopt or develop industry standards that will insure you are consistently providing the highest quality service to your customers.  “I look forward to meeting with each OFC member, getting to know you and your organization, professionally and personally, and together, we will figure out how to get your company to thrive in these challenging economic times”. –

Dr. Quentin Newhouse, Jr.