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DML Club

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The OFC DOC, Movie & Lecture Club

The OFC is the largest distributor of hidden colors documentaries. Hidden colors 1,2,3,4,5 and 1804; Hidden History of Haiti are films that highlight the contributions of Melanated community prior to slavery. The OFC has been engaging with speakers such as Dr. Calud Anderson, Dr. Umar Johnson and Brother Kaba Kamene and others scholars who offer culturally adapted workshops to educate the community on their rich history.

Registered members seeking a deeper understanding of their history are given access to The OFC DOC, Movie & Lecture Club (DML Club). A unique password is provided to members, which gives them access to a library of Melanated focus documentaries, and movies. Starting July 1st, 2021 a new film or documentary will be made available for members to view. Join The DML Club today!