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David Casseus

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David Casseus

With over 15 years of experience in various business areas such as IT Support, Technological Analysis, Project Management, and Business Analysis, I am a seasoned professional who assists audacious, inspiring, and visionary business leaders. My primary focus is to help these leaders better delegate, build strong teams, and free themselves from operations so that they can spend more time in their creative zone to develop innovative ideas to achieve new mastery of their business and unparalleled performance.

My services are designed for B2B and B2C CEO & Business Owners of fast-growing companies. I specialize in Business Process Mapping, providing a unique perspective on activities, resources, and how they contribute to the business model. I also help organizations improve their business processes by implementing solutions that increase efficiency.

I am also a Guest Speaker on technology as leverage for growth and efficiency, having spoken at Chamber of Commerce events, business networking events, and universities.

My mission is to facilitate the use of technology in SMEs as an effective lever for efficiency and growth. In pursuit of this goal, I develop strategic partnerships with experts in various fields such as Accounting, Business Law, HR, Marketing, Strategic Coaching, and Financial Planning to create custom solutions for SMEs