Code of conduct


OFC Platinum Membership

As a business and/or organization owner, I'm dedicated to…

  1. Providing good customer service and quality products. 
  2. Having a long-term vision that includes building a solid economic foundation for our future generations.
  3. Supporting the community through Sponsorship, mentorship, internship and job opportunities when available.


OFC Gold Member

As an individual/family I'm dedicated to…

  1. Treating all members with the same respect I expect to be treated with.
  2. Coming together with other individuals and families to help my community flourish by practicing group economics, voting strategically, and working together against injustice.
  3. Spending money within my community to enable our businesses to thrive.
  4. Educating myself on the history and contributions of the Melanted community in order to empower myself and those around me through my own deeper understanding of the Melanated experience.


OFC Silver Member

As a Supporter/ Allie/ or Sponsor I'm dedicated to…

  1. Supporting The OFC’s purpose and mission to support, unite and economically empower the French and English Melanated community.
  2. Supporting the vision of a unified and empowered Melanated Community. 
  3. Working with the community and building together for the advancement of all.