Code of Conduct

Peace family! Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The OFC. Founded in 2011 by Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman, the OFC Membership Club (OFC) is a spiritually-grounded, non-denominational, self-sustaining Montréal-based, international club.

Our purpose is to unite and empower French and English-speaking international melanated* communities to benefit the next generation through increased cooperation and collaboration between our community and its supporters** in Montreal and abroad. We empower the next generation by maintaining a standard of excellence in business practices and entrepreneurship, as well as by encouraging our members to uplift the community by spending money in community businesses, through mentorship, employment and internship opportunities.

*Melanated is derived Melanin. Melanin is The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their dark color. We use the term Melanated to unite all “Black people” and eliminate geographical boundaries when describing people of African descent.

** OFC Supporting members are of all nationalities. Although supporters are non Melanated they support and encourage the vision of a united Melanated community.

Members of the OFC believe in group economics, in supporting their community and in each other by working together. Members are able to work with like-minded individuals who are building their self-image, who encourage, support and better themselves and those around them. As an OFC member, you will be a part of a movement dedicated to uplifting the international Melanated community. OFC focuses are; Community service, Financial empowerment, Advocacy and Political Engagement. (More details on activities are available upon request.)

Monthly or annual contributions are made by OFC members to sustain the Club, its programs and activities. Our online directory and mobile application are free; however, only OFC members have businesses listed in the directory and receive exclusive member benefits.

Become a member of a growing, flourishing community! As a business or organization, have your business listed in a directory promoted to over 10,000 people, and as an individual, student or senior enjoy exclusive club member benefits by joining today.

• Adhere and agree to the OFC membership Code of Conduct
• Complete Membership registration
• Pay $20.00 Initial Contribution
• Receive an OFC service call*

*OFC service calls are designed to answer all question you have as a new member, determine the best membership type for you, review all benefits and schedule calls with all OFC Affiliates**. (**Affiliates: Telecommunications manager, Business coach, Marketing director, Finance coach and Administrative support.)

(After Completion)

Attend an OFC monthly Social or Business, in person or virtually within first two months of registration to introduce yourself and meet other members.



1. I see the value in providing excellent customer service and quality products.
2. I’m committed to building a business that will serve and benefit generations to come.
3. I see the value in supporting community development.
4. I will support the community by providing sponsorship, internship and employment opportunities to members of the community when possible.
5. I have a vision for the longevity and sustainability of my business or service.
6. My business is always striving to function at its best and never settles for mediocrity.

As a  STUDENT or CORE Member…

1. I am the lifeline of the club.
2. I am proud to take part in activities and programs when I can.
3. I treat all members and businesses with the same respect I expect to be treated with.
4. I am dedicated to spending money within my community to enable our businesses to thrive.
5. I understand the value of coming together with other individuals and families to help my community flourish.


I support the initiative of unifying the Melanated community. I encourage the growth, sustainability and development of the community to the best of my ability.

Payment methods:

• Email money transfer (EMT) =
• Square (through the website)
• Cheque to = One Full Circle
• Cash = 150-550 Decarie, Ville St-Laurent, Qc H4L 3K9

    Code of Conduct above.

    You also agree to tp receive information about the OFC One full circle Membership Club and Community Directory.