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I’m a Melanated or non Melanated individual or business owner interested in connecting with like minded individuals & I can benefit from the resources available to me. I’m getting to know more about the community before joining as a registered member.


  • (Limited) Free Profile or Listing ( – Membership platform)
  • (Limited) OFC workshops 

Benefit Details

OFC Membership Details


Free Profile or Listing ( – Membership platform) enables members to connect directly with other like minded community members,  business owners and service providers. Within the private member groups, members benefit from raffles, giveaways, discounts, promotions, community updates, free workshops, classes and events.

All subscribers are given access to The OFC Community platform; Sharing content, making requests, advertising, and the ability to communicate directly with members are exclusively for registered members. Once a post is initiated by a registered member, subscribers can respond. The same rules apply for The OFC community Facebook platform. Registered members’ posts are pre-approved, subscribers’ posts are pending administrative approval. 

Business members and entrepreneurs are also granted access to share directly on the OFCLink Facebook page. 

OFC workshops 

The OFC offers various workshops and lectures based on our members’ interests. Areas of focus are; Home schooling, Health, Spirituality, Farming and Eco-Living, Politics, Music, Advocacy, Business Support, Marketing and more. Workshops are created based on the requests made by the members.   

Certain workshops are designed to be safe spaces to enable members of the community to express themselves freely. Those activities are exclusive to the Gold and Platinum members of the community.