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Over The Years The OFC Has Had Success In Various Initiatives

01Music with meaning motivational school tour

In 2006, The OFC founded the Music with Meaning school tour. For ten years a team coordinated by Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman visited schools across Quebec, using music to encourage students to strive for excellence, be above bullying and to complete school. This initiative enabled the organization to have a positive impact on the lives of over 50,000 youth. (See more)

02The ofc hosts the united nations (un)

In 2016, through its former community council,African Aboriginal community council (AACC), The OFC coordinated and hosted The United Nations (UN) Working group for people of African descent in Montreal and Union United Church. The OFC, along with a small collective of organizations from Toronto, Nova Scotia and Ottawa, came together to oversee the working group as they visited each city to determine the state of the Melanated community in Canada.

03Rented entire theater for Black Panther premier

Thanks to the support of their members and event sponsors Chris Latham of Happiness Loves Co. and Trevor Ingram from Check Swing in 2018 the OFC rented out an entire theater in scotia cinema to enable community youth to put their feet up and enjoy their culture. The OFC used the opportunity of having youth present to give other community groups the opportunity to speak and present their programs and support to youth prior to the film starting. An amazing evening for all!

04Coordinating Over 20 Community Organizations

In 2019, The OFC coordinated over 20 French and English speaking organizations to meet representatives from the federal government. The meeting was a huge success and created a lot of bridges between community groups and connections with various members of the federal government. Present was Eldon Holder, Director Performance Mgmt & Recognition, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

052020 March Against Racism And Police Brutality

More recently, in 2020, through its advocacy initiative; Black coalition New Generation after the murder of George Floyd, The OFC hosted the largest peaceful march against discrimination and police brutally held in Canada. The march welcomed over 150,000 participants and ended without any incidents. (More about the Black Coalition New Generation).

06Grant Recipients for The OneFullCircle

In April 2021, The OneFullCircle Melanated Community Network was one the recipients for 40K from the capacity building fund. This is monumental as The OFC also took part, alongside organizations from across Canada, in the initial conception of this fund in Gatineau, Quebec.

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