Pharaoh Hamid Freeman Rouse

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Father – Husband – Community builder – Community leader – Networker – 
Project and event coordinator – Sales and marketing specialist – Spiritual counsellor –
Public speaker – Artist manager – Entrepreneur – Experienced multitasker – Great listener –
an OK friend – Dreamer and Part time comedian…
Just Kidding 🙂

Spoken Languages: English and French
Written Language: English


I’m The Pharaoh Hamid Freeman Rouse, as a youth I always felt like I had the ability to make a difference. My life experiences; some very negative and some extremely positive, gave me insight that enabled me to relate and build bonds with all of different types of people on a personally level. Those bonds along with my desire to help, and my ability to communicate has put me in the position I am in now as a community leader, coordinating a network of over 15,000 people.

Above everything I am a spiritualist and as such I don’t take any personal credit for any of my accomplishments, I simply go with the flow and follow the energy. Most people are amazed when they get a full understanding of how many things I am involved in, but again, it would impossible for me to do everything I do (and stay sane) if I didn’t approach everything from a level headed, calm and balanced place which I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for my nonreligious, but spiritual way of thinking. But aside from the spirit I have to give credit to the amazing team of family members, friends, volunteers and other community leaders I have in my surrounding. They help to keep me motivated and in good health by taking on and assisting with a lot of my task, (Regardless to my OCD tendencies) lol.

Being completely honest, looking back at where I came from. As an extremely competitive business person willing to play on both sides of the law to get the job done, to where I am now as a selfless community leader. I know that my children were the cause of my evolution. When my 1st child was born I understood that all the money in the world couldn’t give me the peace of mind that a solid community could, and that’s why I do what I do as a community builder, and why I will continue to use my business experiences, and practices to empower community organizations. And why I will do this as long as needed, to ensure that the next generations, have the protection, support, and education do not have to go through the struggles I did growing up.

Always at the service of people, simply serving humanity and having a great time. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Looking forward to building with you.

Community Involvement:

  1. On going community involvement…
    • 2011: OFC (One Full Circle) Community resource Head Coordinator
    • Beat wave monthly producer showcase Cocoordinator
    • Nation builders investment group Coordinator
    • Meeting of the Minds Think Tank Coordinator
    • OFC members Lounge Manager
    • Hidden colors DVD series Retailer
  2. Legacy center of higher learning (Home school program) Cocoordinator
  3. Amandla Saturday school program (In conjunction with CDNBCA and a few members Black law students of McGill) Coordinator and facilitator
  4. Eden land development and agriculture project (StJustin, Quebec, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago) Coordinator
  5. 2006: Music with Meaning School Tour Head Coordinator and Speaker
  6. OYE Calling card retailer Sales representative
  7. *Dignity clothing line Coordinator (*Fall 2016)

Board involvement

  1. ❖ 2016: Forum économique international des Noirs Board member
  2. ❖ 2016: Desta Black youth network Board member
  3. ❖ 2016: Cote des Neiges black community association Board member
  4. ❖ 2011: Arc Foundation 2011 umbrella organization Board member and CoFounder

Committees involvement

  1. ❖ 2016: Comite vers le 375ieme/ Committee on our way to the 375th Member
  2. ❖ 2016: Committee for Youth forum on the prevention of violence and crime in the black communities Member
  3. ❖ 2015: Comité de réflexion et d’action sur le développement de la jeunesse des communautés noires de Montréal with Frantz Benjamin Member
  4. ❖ 2005: West Can Folk performing company of Montreal promoting African and Caribbean culture through drum and dance Member

Affiliations/ Support

  1. ❖ Group 3737 incubateur d’entreprises Affiliate/ Supporter
  2. ❖ Caribbean culture festival association (CCFA) Supporter
  3. ❖ Youth in Motion (YIM) Supporter
  4. ❖ United negro improvement association (UNIA) Supporter
  5. ❖ Mohammed study group (NOI) Supporter
  6. ❖ Association de Basketball de StFrancois (ABSF) Supporter
  7. ❖ Bottin Haitian (BH) Petites announce gratuites Supporter/ Affiliate
  8. ❖ Nuwla online resource Supporter/ Affiliate
  9. ❖ LoungeUrbain Blog, Webtv, and Radio Supporter

Past community involvement…

  • Montreal Gazette Opinion: “It’s high time for Quebec to launch a commission on systemic racism” Contributor (May 5th, 2016)
  • Meeting on what we can do to promote the election of visible minorities to City Councils on the island of Montreal with Marvin Rotrand Contributor (May 5th, 2016)
  • Montreal Gazette: A panel on Race Panelist (April 5th, 2016)
  • Montreal Gazette Opinion: “Activism in Montreal’s black community is alive and well” Contributor (February 29th, 2016)
  • Black coalition of Quebec Board member (2015 2016)
  • Festival international de Steelpan de Montreal Festival Coordinator (2015)
  • Montreat Teenfest – Co – coordinator (2011)

Entrepreneurial Background:

Current Business…

  • ➢ Community Keepers Club Investment group Cofounder
  • ➢ M’city Solo Recording artist , public speaker and Actor Manager
  • ➢ Prince Publishing CoOwner
  • ➢ Tru Kings Record label Coowner
  • ➢ Pharaoh Freeman spiritual counselor Owner
  • ➢ Vending machine and Nut machine Coowner
  • ➢ Socafest cultural music festival hosted in Lancaster, Ontario CoOwner

Past business…

  •  Clothing retailer (Long T’s)
  • Women’s undergarment wholesaler
  • M’city recording studio Coowner
  • Pitt st Loft rentals Coowner

Professional Training:

  • Music business with Mark Vinet (Trebas Institute)
  • Strategic Goal Setting for Bottom Line Results with Ken Ingram (Achievement center)
  • The Ultimate sales development Program with Ken Ingram (Achievement center)


  • Macdonald High (1993 – 1998)
  • Cartier Adult Education (1998 – 1999)
  • Vanier college (1999 – 2000)

Work Experience:

  • Rogers Communication (Nov. 2001 – May 2006)
  • Customer Service and Sales Representative Downtown Montreal/ Ville St-Laurent
  • Couche-tard (Aug. 2001 – Nov. 2001)
  • Cashier (night shift) Roxboro Quebec
  • Member Works Travel (May 2001 – Aug. 2001)
  • Customer service rep. / Air Reservation Agent (Temp. Contract) Downtown Montreal
  • Contact Solution group (Feb. 2000 June 2001)
  • Customer service/ Telemarketing agent Downtown Montreal
  • Wendy’s restaurant (Apr.1998 Sept. 1999 )
  • Crew D. D.O West Island
  • Center Omni (Sept. 1997 Jan. 1998)
  • Caretaker Pincourt Que


  • Arc Foundation 2011 (1166441957)
  • YouTube: O.F.C OneFullCircle
  • One Full Circle (O.F.C) 882 Decarie, Ville StLaurent, Qc H4L 3L9

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