About Us

OneFullCircle Melanated Community Resource1 Hub (The OFC)

The OFC, an institution in the Melanated Community, has been assisting Melanated individuals, families, entrepreneurs and business owners for over 10 years by bridging the gap between the French and English speaking communities, and through mentorship, financial literacy, business training, networking and coaching. The OFC stands apart because it is founded on a code of conduct that unifies its members around the common goal of building a solid economic foundation for their future generation and a mutual respect for all religions, and culture. It is a Melanated-led Social Economy Enterprise, managed by an Executive Director and supporting staff. The OFC is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Committee. The Board of Directors contribute a wide range of expertise and first hand experience. The Advisory Committee, which consists of recognized community experts in law, finance, business administration, marketing and communications, leadership and IT, provides guidance and support. 


Trusted by the Community, The OFC serves as a resource and network that benefits not only the Melanated community, but the community at large. With a knowledge base of data collected from its members, The OFC is able to serve as a reliable resource hub for individuals and families seeking information and support, and share valuable information which provides businesses with a competitive advantage. 


Over the past ten years, there has been a concerted effort of a league of over 100 loyal volunteers supporting The OFC. These individuals collectively contribute 35,000 hours annually. These volunteers allow The OFC to serve its membership of over 15,000, including over 700 businesses (30% led by women) and to reach over 20,000 community members. 


As such, The OFC is widely recognized as a trusted and valuable community organization that is in tune with the needs, preferences and values of its membership. Through the support and dedication of its members, The OFC can also quickly and effectively mobilize resources in response to emergent needs. The OFC has utilized its close connections, surveys, member profiles and feedback to identify some priority needs of Quebec’s Melanated Community and Melanated-led enterprises.


The OFC’s target audience consists of individuals and families, as well as the next generation of Melanated entrepreneurs and business people (including those who face additional challenges based on gender, ability, language and socio-class).

Mission Statement

The OneFullCircle Melanated Community’s (The OFC’s) mission is to empower the Melanated community against social exclusion by networking between the French and English speaking Melanated communities and by providing socio-economic stability through access to culturally adapted resources and business support.

Vision Statement

By serving our community, encouraging love for self and working together with all who share our vision, we will create a Supporter, United, Respected, and Economically Empowered Global Melanated Community!


“Think of us 1st for all your community & business needs”


1 A Community Resource Hub centralizes information and resources that has been created by different community organizations and businesses.

2 Social exclusion is the social disadvantage and banishment to the outskirts of society.