The OFC (One Full Circle) Directory is an international online community directory of Black-owned businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs based in Montréal, Canada. All are welcome to access this free resource to view local listings, search for products and services, and directly contact our OFC members through our convenient, and user-friendly website.

The OFC Membership Club (OFCMC) is a spiritually grounded, non-denominational, self-sustaining Montréal-based, international club. Its purpose is to unite and empower Black French and English-speaking communities. The OFCMC is an altruistic organization, established to benefit the next generation through increased cooperation and collaboration between the our community and supporters in Montréal and abroad. We aspire to empower the next generation by maintaining a standard of excellence in business practices and entrepreneurship, as well as by encouraging our members to uplift our Black community through employment and internship opportunities.


The OFC Directory and Membership Club were founded by Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman in October 2011.

Growing up in a anglophone household in Montréal and witnessing his anglophone family and friends communicate mostly among one another, Freeman felt as though there was a disconnect between the English and French-speaking Black communities in the city. He felt that a sense of unified community between them was missing, despite the fact that both communities are likely to experience similar struggles and experiences. He reasoned that this disconnect was due to the language barrier between the communities. The inability to effectively communicate with one another only blocked efforts for partnerships, trade and business deals. Black business in Montréal lagged due to the inability to collaborate on joint endeavors.

Thinking about what this lack of communication would mean for successive generations, and also understanding the enormous strength that comes from unity and collaboration, Freeman decided to create The OFC Directory and Membership Club to bridge this gap and uplift both communities.